I often attempt to capture the wind with my pebbles. The wind in a skirt, in the branches of a tree, the sails of a sailboat, petals falling from a daisy, kites flying high over head, laundry hanging on a line. The wind carries our memories and gently sends us reminders with every breath or mighty blow we feel on our faces.
— Sharon Nowlan

Sharon Nowlan

Making somethings from nothings is a very satisfying thing.  I've been doing it since I was old enough to empty the toilet paper roll onto the floor to make doll furniture or some such thing. The world is a piece of art that is waiting to happen. So often a moment will catch my attention and beg to be captured. I could draw it, or photograph it or mould it in clay. I choose to set it in stone and other natural objects I find.

I began this art medium about 19 years ago. My son was three and gathered the first handful of pebbles that ended up in my first mixed media work of art. I've been working on my craft ever since. Evolving, designing, adding new elements such as drift wood, twigs, sea glass, ink, and wire. I will continue to find new ways to capture the beauty of life that is all around us.


My home and studio is in the heart of a little seaside town, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. 








My Studio

While I do spend a fair bit of time wondering the beaches of Nova Scotia, I do have a little studio hidden away behind the fruit trees in my back yard. It's a messy little spot for the most part filled with trays of pebbles and glass and empty coffee cups. It's a lovely spot filled with sunshine in the summer and the warmth of a cozy wood fire in the winter. It's my happy place. 

Visiting Pictou? While not technically open to the public, you are welcome to come by and say hello if I'm home. Just send me a message through my contact page ahead of time and we can schedule a time. 


My Materials

I use a wide variety of materials in my work. Pebbles and sea glass are the main ingredients, and certainly the most fun to source. Everything is somewhat organized according to some artist logic defined by colour, shape texture or cute factor. While I began my journey many years ago simply using pebbles, I've added things along the way. Mostly in answer to some design problem. Art is problem solving. The addition of a piece of glass, or well placed ink line or seashell can be just the thing to portray a swing in motion, a daisy in the wind or the white of spring blossoms. Each material is carefully selected to create the perfect emotion. No matter which material is selected, I always attempt to use as little as possible. As an artist I believe space is one of the most important materials of all.


My Work

All those years ago, when I made my first pebble art piece, I had no idea the journey that it would take me on. The places I would travel to, the people I would meet, and the stories I would hear from customers all over the world. My original pieces are currently available through my  Etsy Shop.  As well as two galleries in Canada, The Galleria in Calgary, and the CobbleStone Gallery in Waterloo. 

I'm also really excited about the latest part of my journey. I've begun working with and designing for a giftware company, Demdaco. We've been working really hard together and I'm super proud of the Sharon Nowlan Collection that we have made together. 


The Sharon Nowlan Collection

I'm so excited that this collection of special pieces is available to so many people all over the world. While the process of designing for a gift company is new, in essence the feeling is the same as it has always been for me. When I make each design for this collection, it still feels as though I'm making each piece for one special person with their own unique story. I've been busy designing new pieces for this ever growing collection and Demdaco is working hard to get it out to shops everywhere.

For more information about where to find these pieces or to shop for one online visit the Demdaco website. If you are interested in carrying my collection in your shop, you can find information for wholesale here.



To read a bit more about me and my process of working with Demdaco, there is a blog post here that answers some more thought provoking questions you might be wondering about.