I often attempt to capture the wind with my pebbles. The wind in a skirt, in the branches of a tree, the sails of a sailboat, petals falling from a daisy, kites flying high over head, laundry hanging on a line. The wind carries our memories and gently sends us reminders with every breath or mighty blow we feel on our faces.
— Sharon Nowlan

About Me

Making somethings from nothings is a very satisfying thing.  I've been doing it since i was old enough to empty the toilet paper roll onto the floor to make doll furniture or some such thing. The world is a piece of art that is waiting to happen. So often a moment will catch my attention and beg to be captured. I could draw it, or photograph it or mould it in clay. I choose to set it in stone and other natural objects I find.

I began this art medium about 17 years ago. My son was three and gathered the first handful of pebbles that ended up in my first mixed media work of art. I've been working on my craft ever since. Evolving, designing, adding new elements such as drift wood, twigs, sea glass, ink, and wire. I will continue to find new ways to capture the beauty of life that is all around us.

My home and studio is in the heart of a little seaside town, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada.  i sell my work online to places all over the world. You never know where life will take you, or what life will inspire in you.